Coin o Mania Slots

Coin o Mania Slots

Coin O Mania is an IGT slot machine inspired by pirate adventures. The game contains five reels, four rows and features 40 fixed paylines. The main attraction of Coin O Mania is several of its bonus features that are quite unique and have a large payout potential. While the game doesn’t offer a jackpot, its wild multipliers can go up to 21x.

If you want to dig deeper into Coin O Mania and its somewhat complex bonus features work, read our detailed review below.

Theme and visuals

When it comes to its theme, the Coin O Mania online slot resembles many other pirate-inspired video slots. On each side of the reels, you’ll see a cartoonish-looking character, including a bearded one-eyed captain and a female pirate holding a map. At the same time, a tropical island decorates the background. The game looks lively, as the characters continually move and each symbol that becomes part of a winning combination is animated.

The artwork is exquisite. The reels appear to have a wooden frame around them, placed below a chest overflowing with golden coins. The coins aren’t there just for aesthetic purposes, as they also fall on the bottom reel, allowing a chance to trigger one of the bonus features.

Pirate-themed symbols populate the reel set, including a ship, a chest, a spyglass, an anchor, swords, a cannon, a parrot, and a couple of aforementioned characters. There’s also a wild symbol that substitutes all symbols other than the chest and the bonus symbol. A catchy tune accompanies the spins and contributes to the game’s adventurous atmosphere.

Betting options

You can set your wager for the current spin by using the arrow keys placed on each side of the total bet tab. As you press the + (plus) and – (minus) buttons, the coin value will change as well. Each spin is played with 75 coins.

The minimum bet is $0.75 ($0.01 coin value), while the maximum is $150 ($2.00 coin value). After setting your wager, you can either press the spin button manually or trigger a session of 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 automatic spins. The auto-spins stop automatically when one of the bonus features gets unlocked.

Are there any jackpots available?

Coin O Mania slots don’t feature any local or progressive jackpots. The maximum single win is 1,147x, although you can win much more when getting lucky in one of the bonus games.

Coin O Mania bonus features

The main reason you should try Coin O Mania is its interesting, unique, and potentially rewarding bonus features. As a matter of fact, the game has three bonus features, including a free spins game that can be re-triggered indefinitely.

Wilds Mania feature

During every spin, you’ll notice several coins drop from the large chest placed above the reels onto the bottom horizontal reel that contains five positions — W, I, L, D, and S. If all letter positions are filled, it will trigger the Wilds Mania feature.

This feature results in all coins collected in the Wild Mania area turning into wilds and wild multipliers and taking their spot on the main reel set. If a wild already exists on the reels, the coins will turn it into a wild multiplier of between 2x and 21x.

Treasure chest feature

Every spin can result in a treasure chest appearing on the middle reel. If it isn’t triggered already, the treasure chest automatically triggers the Wilds Mania feature, placing coins on each of the empty positions in the Wilds Mania area.

Once the positions are filled, and the wilds and wild multipliers take their spots on the main reel set, a parrot will appear from the chest and add additional wilds and wild multipliers so that every reel contains at least one wild. This will result in an almost guaranteed win.

Free spins bonus

Three bonus symbols that can appear on reels two, three, and four trigger 15 free spins. Additional chests can spawn on the middle reel during the free spins round, triggering the Treasure Chest feature. If three bonus symbols appear on the reels during the free spins game, additional 15 spins will be added to the total.

Who is Coin-O-Mania ideal for?

Coin-O-Mania is ideal for players who enjoy lighthearted themes and snappy visuals. But even if the aesthetics are not a factor when choosing a video slot, players looking for a game with extra elements will very much love the fact that Coin-O-Mania has several exciting bonus features.

Beginner players might enjoy the game also, but considering that some bonus features are a bit hard to follow, they will be better off with more basic slots. Coin-O-Mania can trigger large wins, although players looking for massive jackpots would probably find it underwhelming.

Where can I play Coin O Mania online?

IGT is a very popular software provider, and you can find their games on hundreds of different casino sites. While Coin-O-Mania is not one of the most popular IGT titles, it still found its place in libraries of many reputable online casinos, such as Caesars, BetMGM, and DraftKings Casino.

What’s great about Coin O Mania?

Coin-O-Mania is definitely a slot worth your time and money, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Graphics and visuals — If visuals are an important aspect for you when choosing a video slot, you’re more than likely to enjoy Coin-O-Mania’s fun and cartoonish characters and animations.
  • Bonus features — The game has three bonus features — more than enough to make the gameplay dynamic and interesting.
  • Wide betting range — There are 22 different bet amounts, letting you manage your risk-taking just the way you want to. Low-stake players can wager as little as $0.75, while high-rollers can bet up to $150 per play.

What would make Coin-O-Mania better?

As mentioned, Coin-O-Mania is not exactly among the most popular video slots out there. Considering that it’s a relatively new release, this is understandable, but we can find the reasons for its low popularity in the game itself, namely:

  • Complex features — Some of the features are a bit hard to follow, and you might not always realize what triggers a win.
  • Condensed reel set — Too much space is left for animations and artwork. The 5×4 reel set and the Wilds Mania area are comparatively small, and this is especially an issue when playing the game on a smaller screen.
  • Low RTP — As per the game’s info tab, the theoretically expected payout is between 93.10% and 96%, which is quite below average.

Final rating

  • Graphics and design — 4/5: Other than the fact that the layout could have been a bit more spacious, the game’s overall design is fairly good, and the graphics and animations are top-notch.
  • Sound effects — 5/5: Coin-O-Mania features a catchy adventurous tune that isn’t too repetitive and fits the game’s theme. The sound cues are excellent as well, with pirate yelling phrases like “Big Booty” after a large win being a really nice touch.
  • Jackpot value — 1/5: Unfortunately, Coin-O-Mania doesn’t feature any jackpots. Getting large payouts through bonus games and multipliers is possible, but no matter how lucky you get, you won’t have the potential to win millions like with some progressives.
  • Replay value — 5/5: Coin-O-Mania has three bonus features, making the gameplay dynamic and full of unexpected outcomes. Likely, you won’t discover all the features during your first playthrough, so we can conclude that the game’s replay value is quite high.