Hercules High and Mighty Slots

Hercules High and Mighty Slots

Stories of ancient Greek gods and daring heroes have been captivating people’s imagination for centuries, and probably no story has been more beloved than that of Zeus’ son, Hercules. Saving damsels in distress and fighting the nemeses and monsters from the depths of Tartarus is the Hercules way, and Barcrest’s Hercules High and Mighty slot gives you the chance to become the venerated hero himself.

Like the labours of Hercules, the game’s complexity increases with every spin. What starts as a slot with 5 reels and 50 paylines can become a slot with 100 paylines thanks to the Mighty Reels feature. Add some free spins and a unique Big Bet game played with only the high-paying symbols to that, and you will get an exciting game with a massive payout potential that can reach $250,000.

Read on to find out more about Hercules High and Mighty online slot works, and learn how you can exploit its features the best way possible.

Theme and visuals

Hercules High and Mighty is a slot based on Greek mythology. As such, it is bound to offer a majestic landscape for its playing grid. In the backdrop, players will see the Garden of the Hesperides and trees where golden apples grow.

The mighty Doric columns and pillars are there to bring the Hellenic culture and history to the forefront and remind you that every spin of the reels is a heroic quest in itself.

Despite the great symbolism in the game, the visuals do not quite live up to the expectations. The art in the game seems a bit pixelated and reminiscent of old video games we used to play on Nintendo and similar platforms.

Even the game’s main symbols, like Zeus, Hera, Medusa, Cerberus, and other creatures and deities from Greek mythology, appear outdated, not to mention the lower-paying symbols that are represented by card suits.

Following the same line as the visuals, the sound effects on Hercules High and Mighty online slot game are also a bit obsolete. In fact, they resemble the chiptunes present in vintage arcade machines, and they should have been modernized.

Betting options

Placing a bet in Hercules High and Mighty might not be that simple to grasp at first, especially if you are a newcomer to slot gaming. The first thing to realize here is that not all paylines are active at all stake levels. Namely, the more you want to bet per spin, the more paylines you will have at your disposal. The minimum stake per line is $0.01, which brings the total bet to $0.10 and the number of active paylines to 10.

A $0.20 bet is played across 20 paylines, a $0.30 bet triggers 30 paylines, while a $0.40 stake activates 40 paylines. If you bet $0.50 or more, then you will have all 50 paylines at your disposal in the base game. Note that in the special Mighty Reels feature, the number of paylines doubles, so you will have between 20 and 100 betting lines to count on.

You set the stake by pressing the +/- signs found on the left side of the screen. The betting range goes from $0.10 to $250 per spin, which is good enough for both high rollers and casual bettors.

Another important caveat to have in mind here is that for all bets below $2, the game’s RTP is capped at 94%. On the other hand, if your total stake is $2 or more, then the RTP rises to 96%.

This online slot game is available for real money and free game players. If playing real money, you’ll want to take advantage of your casino’s bonus offers first. For free play players, you can use the demo game above, or sign up to one of our top casinos in ON and take advantage of the no deposit casino bonus.

Are there any jackpots available?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any progressive or fixed slot jackpots in Hercules High and Mighty. Nonetheless, Barcrest have put a limit on max wins to $250,000 in any combination, which is undoubtedly good enough to appeal to all kinds of players.

Hercules High and Mighty bonus features

Even the base game in Hercules High and Mighty is not without interesting features, let alone the bonus games.

Let’s see what kinds of freebies and bonuses you can win in this online slot game.

Mighty Reels bonus feature

As you might have guessed, one of the game’s most significant symbols is the man himself — the great Hercules. It appears as a stacked symbol, and if it lands in full view, it will trigger the Mighty Reels bonus feature. During this feature, the number of paylines is doubled, up to a maximum of 100 bet lines, effectively making your chances of scoring a win twice as big.

Moreover, the wild and the scatter symbols can appear in full view on all positions on the reels.

Free spins

The bonus scatter symbols appear on all reels and serve to initiate the free spins round. Depending on how many scatters are in sight, you will get a certain number of free games. Here’s the bonus structure:

  • 3 symbols award 8 free spins
  • 4 symbols award 12 free spins
  • 5 symbols award 20 free spins

The free games always begin with the basic payline configuration and without the Mighty Reels feature. The good thing is that the wild will expand to cover the entire reel if any part of it is in view. Moreover, you can retrigger the feature with a new set of scatters. There is no limit as to how many times you can retrigger it, which can lead to some hefty payouts.

Big Bet game

High rollers are difficult to please. They bet big and expect to get something extra in return. Luckily, Hercules High and Mighty has just the thing for them. The Big Bet is a special bonus feature you can purchase for a certain price and capitalize on, thanks to the gifts it brings.

It all starts with five spins you receive, and depending on how big your Big Bet stake is, the following bonus features are granted:

  • $20 Big Bet — The wild symbol will expand to fit the whole reel if any part of it is in sight.
  • $30 Big Bet — This is the same feature as in the $20 Big Bet game, plus all lower-value symbols are removed.
  • $50 Big Bet — This feature is the same as the one seen in the $30 Big Bet game, plus the wild assumes a sticky position and remains on the reels throughout the five free spins.

It is good to note that the RTP rises to a whopping 98% during the Big Bet bonus round, giving you an extra reason to try it out.

Who is Hercules High and Mighty ideal for?

Considering its rather high betting limit and the Big Bet bonus, it seems that the game is perfect for those players willing to spend big in the hope of winning even more. Also, all fans of Greek mythology will also enjoy the game quite a lot, as it can transport them to the times of heroes and god-like beings.

Where can I play Hercules High and Mighty online?

Hercules High and Mighty is a game by Barcrest, which is now a part of SG Gaming, one of the biggest software companies in the world. Therefore, it’s clear why all the top licensed online casinos in Ontario, such as PokerStars, Caesars, and others, offer this game.

As mentioned above, most of the casinos offer some sort of welcome bonus for new players. If you want to play Hercules High and Mighty slots online, we suggest you compare the offers and take advantage of bonus codes, where applicable. Here are the top three, so you can compare.

What’s great about Hercules High and Mighty?

The most notable features of Hercules High and Mighty include the following:

  • There can be up to 100 bet lines — Thanks to the Mighty Reels feature, players can expect up to 100 paylines for particular spins, which effectively doubles their odds of scoring a winning combo.
  • Multiple bonus features — Hercules High and Mighty is teeming with bonus features, such as free spins and expanding wilds, which can easily kick the fun and thrill factor up a notch.
  • Big Bet bonus — The Big Bet bonus option you can purchase at any time to unlock special features is an interesting concept that separates Hercules High and Mighty from other games.
  • Great betting range — The betting range that goes from $0.10 to $250 per spin caters to all groups of slot aficionados out there.

What would make Hercules High and Mighty better?

Despite the abundance of appealing features, there are some things that would have made Hercules High and Mighty even better. These are:

  • Jackpots — There are no fixed or progressive jackpots in the game, and their addition would have increased its overall worth considerably.
  • Easier betting structure — Some novice players may find the betting structure a bit too complicated, with all those paylines and the stakes dictating their number in a spin. A simpler solution would be preferable.
  • Better graphics — In spite of such an interesting theme, the visuals are not so detailed and modern, which is not what modern players are after.

Final rating

  • Graphics and design — 3/5: The theme of Hercules High and Mighty will surely attract many players, but the design and graphics don’t do the game any justice and are a bit dated.
  • Sound effects — 3/5: The sound effects suffer the same fate as the visual effects and are underperforming, to say the least — hence the mediocre rating.
  • Jackpot value — 4/5: You won’t find any jackpots in Hercules High and Mighty, but the max possible payout of $250,000 is certainly jackpot-worthy.
  • Replay value — 3/5: Hercules High and Mighty is a slot with several bonus features, unique game mechanics, and an exciting theme. However, the lack of a better design and jackpots might hurt its chances of competing with contemporary slots.