Imperial Riches Slot

Imperial Riches Slot

Imperial Riches is an online video slot game launched in September 2019 and developed by NetEnt, the industry leader in the production of gaming software. The online slot game is available on both desktop and mobile casinos, and it can be found in many online casinos.

Imperial Riches capitalizes on the extremely popular East Asian theme, and it features the standard 5×3 slot grid. It has four different special features, including the jackpot game, which gives you the chance to win one of as many as five jackpots, three of which are progressive.

If this sparks your curiosity, keep reading this article to learn all about the most important characteristics of this NetEnt online slot creation.

Theme and visuals

Imperial Riches belongs to the group of slots inspired by East Asian culture and tradition — in this case, the Chinese ones. As such, it abounds in red and gold colours and traditional Chinese symbols and imagery.

The background of the game window is an Asian zen garden complete with traditional Chinese architecture, ponds, lanterns, and lotus leaves and flowers. The high-paying symbols include a bamboo pot, Chinese golden amulets, gold ingots, and a golden koi fish as the most valuable symbol. As one would expect, the low-paying symbols are the cards — ace, king, and queen.

Fittingly, while playing, you can hear the serene traditional Chinese music with ambient garden sounds, including the birds’ and crickets’ chirping. This score allows for a truly immersive experience. Other effects include the jingle sounds that accompany the winning combinations.

During the special features, the backdrop of the game window changes, showcasing the zen garden during the night, and the tranquil background music becomes more upbeat.

In Imperial Riches, the reels don’t spin — the symbols simply fall into their positions.

Betting options

The betting mechanism in Imperial Riches is quite straightforward, but it does have some customizable features. Before you initiate each game round, you need to set the betting level on the left-hand side of the control panel and the coin value on the right-hand side.

There are ten levels in total, each consisting of 15 coins, and the coin value can range from just 0.01 to 0.20. Your selected bet level is multiplied by 15, which is in turn multiplied by the chosen coin value. This way, you will arrive at the total bet for the issuing spin.

The total bet amount can range from $0.15 to $30. This is not a huge range, but it’s what most players would consider reasonable.

The way you’ve set your betting parameters influences only the prize values you are eligible for, whereas the fixed jackpot values remain unaffected.

Are there any jackpots available?

Yes, Imperial Riches has a total of five jackpots — three progressive and two fixed ones. Here are their respective values:

  • Rapid Jackpot — $100
  • Mini Jackpot — $500
  • Midi Jackpot — progressive
  • Major Jackpot — progressive
  • Mega Jackpot — progressive

The progressive jackpots are local, which means that their values can vary considerably between casinos. Therefore, we recommend that you play this game on an established platform with a lot of customers to get the chance to win some more valuable jackpot prizes.

Imperial Riches’ jackpots can be won only at the end of the Jackpot Game feature. To learn more about how this feature works, read the next section.

Imperial Riches bonus features

Imperial Riches gives players the chance to scoop some nice prizes during its four special features: the Avalanche feature, Free Falls feature, Lucky Pond Bonus Game, and Jackpot Game. Let’s take a look at the detailed breakdown of each one.

Avalanche feature

Each time three or more identical symbols land on the same payline and form a winning combination, the Avalanche feature is triggered. After the line wins are paid, all of the rewarding symbols disappear, letting new symbols fall in their positions. These new symbols can potentially create another winning combination.

The Avalanche feature ends when the winning combinations stop forming.

Free Falls feature

The Free Falls feature begins when three scatter symbols land anywhere on the grid, awarding ten free rounds. For each additional scatter symbol that appears, five more free rounds are added.

The feature starts once the Avalanche feature ends. All symbols that form the winning combinations during the Free Falls feature turn into jewels after the feature ends. This initiates the Lucky Pond Bonus Game.

Lucky Pond bonus game

The Lucky Pond Bonus Game begins after the Free Falls feature ends — provided that the Free Falls feature has resulted in any jewels, of course. At the beginning of the feature, the reels disappear, revealing a pond with two fish — the bonus fish and the coin fish.

The jewels awarded during the Free Falls feature fall down into the pond and feed the fish. Each time the coin fish eats a jewel, the player gets 5, 10, or 15 coins. This prize is then multiplied by the bet level. On the other hand, when the bonus fish eats at least three jewels during the feature, the Jackpot Game is initiated.

Jackpot game

The Jackpot Game gives players the opportunity to win one of five Imperial Riches’ jackpots, and it can be triggered only during the Lucky Pond Bonus Game.

There are no reels during the Jackpot Game, only a pond with six fish. Apart from the coin fish, there are five more, and each of them represents one of the game’s jackpots:

  • Turquoise fish — Rapid Jackpot
  • Blue fish — Mini Jackpot
  • Green fish — Midi Jackpot
  • Purple fish — Major Jackpot
  • Red fish — Mega Jackpot

During each Jackpot Game round, 50 jewels fall into the pond. Every jewel eaten by the coin fish brings you between 20 and 40 coins. Just like in the Lucky Pond Bonus Game, this number is then multiplied by the bet level.

To win a jackpot in Imperial Riches, one of the jackpot fish has to eat at least three coins during the Jackpot Game feature. You can keep track of the score by looking at the indicators underneath each jackpot label at the top of the game window. At the end of the Jackpot Game, only one jackpot can be awarded.

Who is Imperial Riches ideal for?

Imperial Riches is a terrific slot game different kinds of players can enjoy. It is simple enough to understand, so it may be suitable for less experienced players. However, it also contains several exciting special features which make it attractive to seasoned slot fans.

While the upper side of the betting range is not very high, the game allows you to play at very low betting values, which makes it suitable for players with small to medium gambling budgets.

Where can I play Imperial Riches online?

Imperial Riches is a fairly popular slot game, so you can expect to find it in most online casinos with diversified gaming libraries. As always, we recommend that you choose only reputable and established Ontario casinos online, such as PokerStars and

What’s great about Imperial Riches?

Imperial Riches is a fantastic game loved by many players in the online gambling community. Here are some of the reasons why slot fans seem to enjoy this title:

  • Decent betting range — The game features a betting range between $0.15 and $30, allowing players with different budget sizes to join.
  • Superb graphics and visuals — The game graphics and visuals leave nothing to be desired and provide a fully immersive experience.
  • Jackpots — Imperial Riches contains no less than five different jackpots, three of which are progressive. Depending on the size of the online casino you are playing in, you can be in for a huge payout if you manage to feed the Mega Jackpot fish.
  • Excellent RTP — The title features a very good RTP of 96.88%, which is quite high, especially considering the fact that this is a game with progressive jackpots.

What would make Imperial Riches better?

While we could go on forever about how much we love Imperial Riches, there is still some room for improvement. Here are some of the features we think may turn players away:

  • Low volatility — While the low volatility means you can expect frequent wins, those are usually of a really low value, and they might not be enough to motivate players in the long run.
  • Small base game wins — The biggest prize you can win during the base game is 1,500x your stake if you land five golden fish on the same payline. This is a bit on the lower side and may not be attractive enough for those players who are used to larger potential wins.

Final rating

  • Graphics and design — 5/5: Imperial Riches features an outstanding design that does justice to the popular East Asian theme. What’s more, thanks to the high-quality graphics, you will be drawn in, and the game will feel much more authentic.
  • Sound effects — 5/5: The soft musical score complete with ambient sounds transports one into the zen garden setting. You will also enjoy the cheerful jingle sound effects, which celebrate every win. What’s more, the soundtrack picks up the tempo during the special features, emphasizing the suspense.
  • Jackpot value — 4/5: The game’s five jackpots are truly impressive, especially since three of them are progressive. Depending on the size of the revenue of the casino you choose to play the game in, you stand the chance of winning some potentially high jackpot prizes.
  • Replay value — 4/5: The game may be simple and easy to understand, but this should be considered an advantage, not a drawback. It features exciting special features that make players want to go back and explore more of it each time.