Monopoly Utility Trails Slot

Monopoly Utility Trails Slot

Monopoly Utility Trails is one of many Monopoly-branded video slots released by Scientific Games (SG). The slot uses a cluster system with an 8×7 grid in which the players look to connect identical symbols vertically and/or horizontally in clusters of five or more.

The main attribute of Monopoly Utility Trails slot is its fantastic visuals coupled with several unique bonus features that can award large wins. One of the features allows for wins up to 5,000x, while the game’s RTP stands at 96.61%.

We played this slot for a while to uncover everything that it has to offer to players. Read our full review below.

Theme and visuals

If you’re familiar with the Monopoly board game, you already know what to expect. The video slot displays the Monopoly logo and its famous character — Rich Uncle Pennybags. However, unlike other Monopoly slots, the theme of this slot revolves around one particular property found in the board game — utility.

The game has a steampunk atmosphere, with retro faucets, pipes, and light bulbs decorating the reels and background with symbols like old golden cars, steamships, and 20s-style top hats. A classy jazz tune plays during the spins and is enriched with clinking mechanical overtones and sound effects.

Monopoly Utility Trails was released in 2021, so you can expect the graphics and animations to be top-notch. The colours and artwork very much contribute to the game’s atmosphere and fit its narrative.

Betting options

To set your wager in Monopoly Utility Trails, you need to click on the coins button placed on the right-hand side of the reels, after which you can use the + and buttons to set the coin value ranging from 0.20 to 4.00.

The number below the coins button displays the number of automatic spins you have left. You can set the Autoplay feature to initiate between 10 and 200 spins or use the manual Spin button in the bottom right.

Mind that each betting level has a different starting position for waterworks and electric company counters and that the counter will reset after you change the betting level.

Are there any jackpots available?

There are no jackpots in Monopoly Utility Trails. However, the bonus features can be pretty rewarding and result in a win equal to 5,000 times your stake.

Monopoly Utility Trails bonus features

Monopoly Utility Trails is a high volatility slot, meaning that big wins, even though they can be massive, are few and far between. There’s not much to hope for during the base game in terms of life-changing payouts, but the potential for large wins rises when bonus games are triggered.

Here are all the bonus features that you can unlock in Monopoly Utility Trails.

Wild Tracks

The game features golden wilds represented by golden trains that help in creating clustered wins. When two wilds appear in the same vertical or horizontal line, all symbol positions between them will be replaced by carriage wilds.

If the golden wilds form a square, all symbols in that square will turn into carriage wilds. If a bulb or a tap finds itself on the path of carriage wilds, it will be turned into a wild as well.


Whenever a waterworks tap lands on the grid, the waterworks pipe on the right will increase by one level. After the pipe is full (15 levels), it will trigger the Water Works bonus game.

During the game, all winning clusters will remain locked on the grid for the remainder of the round. The game will cascade all non-winning symbols and lock future symbols that contribute to an already locked cluster.

During any spin, taps located above the grid may start pouring water. If there are multiple clusters of different symbols when taps activate, all clusters will be turned into the highest-valued matching symbol. If, on the other hand, all symbols on the grid are the same, the taps will transform them into the next highest symbol according to the paytable.

The game ends once there are no more cluster upgrades or when the taps don’t activate.

Electric Company

Every time a light bulb lands on the grid, the electrical counter on the right increases by one level. After the counter is fully lit, the Electric Company bonus game will commence.

Once the game starts, all symbol positions are replaced by property cards, colour tiles, or chance cards.

  • Property cards carry a multiplier of between 0.25x and 25x your total bet.
  • Colour tiles are collected to upgrade property cards so that if colour tiles form a cluster, they will explore and disappear, and if the colour of a tile matches the colour of a property card, it will double its value.
  • Chance cards reveal a house or a hotel. A house will increase the value of a random property card by 2x, while a hotel doubles the value of all property cards on the grid.

The player has three lives at the beginning of the game. If a spin doesn’t contain a new property card or a chance card, or if there are no colour tile clusters, the player loses a life. After all three lives are lost, the game ends, and the player is rewarded with the sum of prizes written on all property cards.

Community Chest

A 3×3 community chest may appear on the grid during any spin or cascade, featuring a random award of between 5x and 1,000x your stake.

Who is Monopoly Utility Trails ideal for?

Players who like cluster slots will certainly enjoy Monopoly Utility Trails. There is an almost infinite number of ways a win can be created, and cascades triggered after every win leave room for massive combos.

On the other hand, rookie players who have just started to familiarize themselves with video slots would probably be left confused trying to unravel the mysteries of the game’s convoluted bonus features, so they are probably better off trying something a bit more straightforward.

Where can I play Monopoly Utility Trails online?

All Monopoly-branded slots are highly popular and can be found in a plethora of online casinos in Ontario. You can try finding this slot on casino sites like BetMGM, DraftKings, or FanDuel. If you’re still unsure whether you want to risk any money playing the game and need some time figuring out its features, you’ll be happy to know that most of these casinos allow players to test their games for free.

What’s great about Monopoly Utility Trails?

Here are some of the main qualities of Monopoly Utility Trails:

  • Clusters — Cluster slots are not for every type of player, but this game utilizes the mechanic to perfection.
  • Graphics and soundMonopoly Utility Trails has some of the best visuals and sound effects out of all slots we had the pleasure of reviewing.
  • Bonus features — Plenty of bonus features keep the player engaged and can be incredibly rewarding.

What would make Monopoly Utility Trails better?

There are not many things that we would change about Monopoly Utility Trails, as we consider it near-perfect the way it is. But if we were to make some adjustments, here’s what they might be:

  • More straightforward features — The features are a bit hard to figure out at first. There are just too many of them, and you even have features within features, which makes things more confusing.
  • Faster pace — The game comes off a bit sluggish. The spins are slowed down for the sake of snappy animations, and you need to wait forever to unlock the bonus games.
  • Jackpots — One thing that would make Monopoly Utility Trails perfect is jackpots. Big rewards are achievable, but they are nothing compared to slots that feature local or progressive jackpots.

Final rating

  • Graphics and design — 5/5: The game looks incredibly polished, and it’s more than evident that the designers spent a significant amount of time making it look perfect. The design of the control panel is intuitive, letting you set up your stake and spin without any wandering around.
  • Sound effects — 5/5: Sound effects are just as good as the graphics. The catchy jazz tune will make you dance or at least bob your head. Also, the music changes once you unlock one of the bonus features, which is a nice touch.
  • Jackpot value — 1/5: With no jackpots at all, we had to give Monopoly Utility Trails the lowest grade for this particular segment.
  • Replay value — 5/5: You can play the game for hours and never be bored of it. The waterworks and electric company counters keep you on edge the whole time and are well worth the wait.