Solstice Celebration Slots

Solstice Celebration Slots

Brilliant rays of sunshine on a hot summer’s day in the glowing meadow shape the sweet environment of the Solstice Celebration slot game by Konami. Although this slot celebrates long summer days, it’s a perfect choice for a cold winter, letting a little bit of sunshine into your heart.

The cute symbols of prancing ponies, jewels, butterflies, and sunflowers fall to the 5×3 playing grid to make winning combos on 30 fixed paylines, meaning all of them are always active and ready to form a win.

Despite its gentle theme and atmosphere, Solstice Celebration slot machine has its ways of causing an adrenaline rush during the gameplay. The free spins bonus feature brings up to 40 free games, while the Sparkle Feature can cover two or more reels with only one symbol.

The low to medium volatility and 96.03% RTP tell us that wins in Solstice Celebration are not so hard to come by, although they might not be super huge.

Still, the slot has a thing or two to offer, and if you want to discover what those things are, keep on reading.

Theme and visuals

The Solstice Celebration slot machine invites players to celebrate the healing power of the sun through its lively, colourful, and gleeful symbols and backdrop. The endless meadow covered in lush greenery and sunflowers is the game’s background. The game’s focal points are the golden-framed reels and the place where all the action unfolds. Above them, clear blue skies contribute to easing the tension and relaxes the players.

The high-paying symbols in this sunshine-themed slot are led by the wild symbol — the sun itself. Additionally, the blue diamond, a horse with flowers as its main, the Monarch butterfly, and sunflowers are also in charge of bringing some boosts to the players’ bankrolls. Landing five of these symbols on a payline may bring wins between 150 and 500 credits.

On the other hand, the lower-paying symbols are reserved for card symbols from 9 to Ace and offer decent payouts, albeit smaller than their high-paying counterparts.

We should point out that those cute symbols and scenery by no means make Solstice Celebration the best-looking slot out there. The design and graphics are still a bit more traditional, and the audio effects are almost non-existent. The mechanical chimes and clinks that players hear when the reels start spinning are mundane and don’t suit the theme nicely. The only cheerful tunes declare the winning lines, so the provider should pay more attention to that aspect in the future.

Betting options

The slot’s setup is as straightforward as they come. There are five reels with 30 paylines, and players must wager at least one credit for each of those lines, plus another 15 credits for the bonus features. This type of structure leads to a minimum bet of 45 credits.

Players can bet either one, two, five, or ten credits per line, and each credit is worth between $0.01 and $1. Depending on the value of each credit and the number of them staked on the lines, the bet limit in Solstice Celebration starts at $0.45 and climbs up to $450 per spin.

Are there any jackpots available?

Sadly, Solstice Celebration does not feature any jackpots. However, covering the playing grid with the sun symbols can bring substantial wins, good enough to compete with the prize pots of some of the local jackpot games.

Solstice Celebration bonus features

Solstice Celebration has its fair share of bonus features and is one of the more popular slot machines by Konami. Some of these features are available in the base game, not only the bonus round, so let’s take a closer look at these bonuses.

Action Stacked Symbols

Action Stacked Symbols is Konami’s trademark slot structure, and Solstice Celebration is no exception. Each reel has a number of adjacent positions marked by the golden borderlines that can randomly be substituted with any of the game’s high- and low-paying symbols. The trick is that all positions are replaced with the same symbol, thus drastically improving the players’ chances of scoring a win.

Sparkle feature

Sparkle Feature in Solstice Celebration is a variation of the Action Stacked Symbols. If two or more reels in the game are completely covered with golden bordered spaces, all other reels with at least one bordered space will get nudged until the entire reel is filled with bordered positions.

All symbols on those reels are then randomly replaced with any game symbols, including the wild and scatter symbols, so there is a great payout opportunity, even though the feature doesn’t guarantee a win.

Unfortunately, the Sparkle Feature can’t be retriggered, but it can lead to another bonus round — the free spins bonus round.

Free Spins bonus feature

The free spins bonus feature in Solstice Celebration is another bonus round that comes from the Sparkle Feature. Namely, during that Sparkle Feature, when the positions on the reels change, there is a chance that they will change to the scatter symbol in the form of a forest fairy.

Depending on the number of reels that get covered in scatters, players will receive free spins. Two, three, four, and five scatter reels grant 10, 15, 20 and 40 free spins, respectively. The scatter wins are worth between 60 and 1,500 times the line bet.

During the free spins, players can activate the Sparkle Feature, and through it, win additional spins. Also, all wild symbols appearing on the reels will nudge their way across those reels until they are all covered in wilds.

Who is this online slot ideal for?

Solstice Celebration is the perfect option for real money casino players who enjoy simple slots with a nice, relaxing theme and good payout opportunities. The game’s visual aspect is not its greatest strength, but some players don’t mind the old-school looks on slot machines.

Regardless, the slot has had success in land-based casinos across Las Vegas and other gambling hubs, and its digital version threatens to do the same.

The betting range that goes from $0.45 to $450 per spin is astounding and appeals to high-rollers and newcomers who would prefer to take it slowly.

Where can I play this slot online?

Solstice Celebration is a brainchild of Konami, a major game development company in the business, so there shouldn’t be any problems locating it at some of Ontario’s most reputable operators, like BetRivers Casino, FanDuel, or DraftKings.

What’s great about this game?

Solstice Celebration can offer a lot to slot aficionados, from bonus features to big payouts. Let’s see its main traits:

  • Simple yet exciting gameplay — Solstice Celebration is an easy game to play. You only need to set the value of your bet and hit the “Spin” button to get in on the action. The bonus features are also easy to comprehend, so you don’t need any previous slot-playing experience to enjoy it.
  • Good RTP — With an RTP of 96.03%, Solstice Celebration stands among the slots with the lowest house edges.
  • Wide betting range — The minimum bets start at $0.45, while the maximum one reaches $450, making Solstice Celebration a perfect choice for those who like to spend big.
  • Exciting bonus features — All game bonus features are linked together to award free spins and hefty payouts.

What would make this online slot better?

Solstice Celebration is not without flaws, despite all those cool features it offers. The following would have made it even more attractive:

  • Progressive jackpot — A progressive jackpot, preferably a global one with a prize pot worth millions, would have increased its overall value considerably.
  • Better graphics — Solstice Celebration runs on outdated graphics, so players who prefer to see detailed visuals and gamification features won’t enjoy it as much.

Final rating

  • Graphics and design — 3/5: Solstice Celebration symbols are charming and refreshing, but their overall appearance is a bit outdated, which is why the max rating for this aspect has slipped its grasp.
  • Sound effects — 1/5: Besides the clinking sounds and some soothing chimes, the sound effects in the game are virtually non-existent, hence the low rating.
  • Jackpot value — 3/5: Even though there are no jackpots per se, Solstice Celebration still has more than a decent payout potential, especially those coming from scatter wins.
  • Replay value — 4/5: Thanks to its bonus features, good RTP, and low volatility that indicate frequent payouts are coming your way, Solstice Celebration is a slot worthy of playing.