Best Leagues and Sports Teams to Bet on

Single-game betting is on its way to Ontario, and anticipation is naturally through the roof. Bettors can look forward to having many more choices at their disposal as well as control over how they want to wager.

As we look ahead to the gambling floodgates opening, how can you take advantage of all of the opportunities at hand? Are there some sports or leagues that offer up more of an edge than others?

Is prop betting the way to go? Should you focus on futures? What about live betting? Can you find any advantages by betting exclusively on Canadian leagues and players? We’re here to answer those questions and many more. Read on.

How single-game betting changes everything

The introduction of single-game or single-event betting is going to be a game-changer for Ontario sports betting, and that’s not hyperbole. While the Pro-Line parlay games have been a staple of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming menu for decades, a whole new world of opportunity awaits.

With the Pro-Line games, bettors are limited to the listed options, and that’s it. The contests run off parlay cards on which you must make multiple selections. There’s no variance in the odds due to market action, and any games or events that aren’t listed on the cards simply won’t be available for betting.

Over at sportsbooks, bettors will find many more options. They can bet on the individual contests they like best and also choose how they want to wager. The list of available bet types includes:

Parlays will still be available if you like wagering in that fashion. Additionally, bettors can choose their stakes. Many of the Pro-Line games have a range of $2 to $100, which naturally caps the potential winnings if you manage to be correct on all of your selections.

At sportsbooks, you can wager on much larger stakes if you like, but you can also keep it small. The choice is completely up to you, and therein lays the beauty of single-game wagering. For another huge positive, you’ll be able to bet on standalone events without issue. This includes the biggest global betting event of the year, the Super Bowl.

Last but not least, sportsbooks attract a great deal of action for games and events, and the odds will adjust in response. Savvy bettors can learn to shop around and compare prices to find the most appealing options. When compared to odds that stand still on a parlay card, the difference is night and day.

Betting on Canadian teams, leagues and players

Single-event betting will be a huge positive for bettors, but it will also impact the approach to wagering. While Canada-based teams are prominent on the Pro-Line games, the number of betting opportunities will be much larger at sportsbooks. Here are some key points to keep in mind about the most popular sports.

CFL betting

For the weekly Canadian Football League slate, there are four games on tap. You no longer have to wager on all of them to get in on the fun, unless you want to, of course. Instead, you can bet on each CFL contest individually in a number of different ways.

If you just like picking the winner, moneyline is the way to go. Meanwhile, the point spread is there for those who want more of a challenge. You can focus on points scored with totals or zero in on individual players with props.

Betting on the CFL and all other sports is poised to become much more exciting with the introduction of single-event wagering. That could directly translate into a big spike in interest for our version of pro football.

NHL North Division betting

From opening night of the regular season through to the Stanley Cup Finals, there are tons of NHL games to consider. Naturally, local squads attract a ton of attention. And the days of not being able to select your spots will be over.

Instead of the only option for getting in on the action with the Leafs or Sens being a difficult parlay card, you can explore plenty of individual options every time they step on the ice.

The same holds true for the Canadiens, Jets, Flames, Oilers and Canucks. Pro hockey has an incredibly loyal and passionate following across Canada as it is, and you can now decide how you want to bet on the NHL.

Raptors betting

The Toronto Raptors’ 2019 run to the NBA title is one of the top memories in recent Canadian sports history. Can you imagine what it would have been like if you had been able to bet on the Raptors for each individual game during that stellar postseason?

The introduction of single-game wagering means we no longer have to wonder. NBA betting is a huge attraction at sportsbooks. You’ll find NBA odds and lines for each and every contest all season long.

From spreads and totals to props and futures, myriad betting options allow you to put some skin in the game with the Raptors. Before too long, wagering on the high-scoring league how and when you want will become pleasantly familiar.

Blue Jays betting

From the spring through the fall, the Toronto Blue Jays have scores of fans cheering them on across Ontario and the rest of the nation. The season is jam-packed with games, and you’ll no longer be relegated to hoping for the best with parlay cards.

Instead, you can simply bet on Jays games individually, as well as any other MLB betting options on tap. You can even live bet as the action plays out on the field or focus on your favourite players with some props.

For comparison’s sake, the standard Pro-Line offerings revolve around four parlay games. Meanwhile, you’ll find dozens of different props for each MLB game. As always, too many options is a good problem to have.

Betting on Canadian players in team sports

Across the sporting landscape, there’s plenty of star power. While betting on the outcomes of games is fun and potentially profitable, you can have even more of a blast by forecasting how your favourite athletes will perform.

As mentioned, prop betting is a huge attraction at sportsbooks. When there’s a game on tap, you can simply click through on the main listing to find the available options. Once you do, doors will open to dozens of different props to consider.

You’ll see props that revolve around teams and the game as a whole, as well as plenty regarding what the top players may or may not do. Examples could include:

  • NHL: How many total points for Mitch Marner – Over/Under 1.5?
  • NBA: Who will lead the Raptors in scoring – Pascal Siakam or Kyle Lowry?
  • NFL: Will Josh Allen score a rushing TD – Yes/No?
  • MLB: Total strikeouts for Hyun Jin Ryu – Over/Under 6.5?

Props are available for all of the other team-based sports as well, including CFL, MLS, NCAAF, NCAAB and the Premier League. If you have a favourite athlete set to play, there’s a strong chance you’ll find some relevant prop bets to consider.

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Betting on Canadians in individual sports

Wagering at sportsbooks isn’t limited to the top team-based sports. You’ll find a plethora of betting markets on individual athletic pursuits like golf, tennis and MMA.

Back in the day, UFC legend and Canada’s own Georges St-Pierre went on an absolutely dominant run as the king of the welterweight division. Each of his fights had that can’t-miss-event feel. Now imagine what it would have been like to see GSP marching into the Octagon with money riding on his glory.

The same experience can be had today betting on other homegrown stars. You could back Corey Conners to win the next PGA tournament or side with Milos Raonic or Bianca Andreescu as they navigate the ATP and WTA circuits.

Golf, tennis and the UFC are huge drivers of action at sportsbooks. These are stellar sports that already have massive followings in Canada, but it wouldn’t be stunning to see a massive influx of interest as the single-game betting market matures.

Best sports to bet for beginners

When getting started with single-event betting, the sheer number of available choices can seem rather overwhelming. However, you can take a deep breath and simply remember this: there’s nothing that says you have to learn everything all at once.

Keep it simple. Begin with your interests and preexisting knowledge bases. Here’s a trio of great places to commence your sports betting journey.


Why not get started with the most popular sport across the nation? There are plenty of different ways to bet on the fastest game on ice, not to mention the sheer volume games to drill into when the NHL season is in full swing. Great starting points include:

  • Moneyline: Simply pick which side you think will win the game.
  • Player props: Focus on goal scorers and other accomplishments.
  • Futures: Make the call on the next Stanley Cup winner and other markets.

Since the NHL is so popular, there is plenty to research. The contests themselves can be wildly entertaining, and that’s even truer with a little skin in the game.


Sure, the NFL moves the needle down in the U.S., but we have our own distinct style of pro football here in the Great White North. The CFL thrives on a loyal and passionate following. That should only increase going forward. Bet ideas include:

  • Moneyline: Pick the side you like without worrying about the spread.
  • Player props: Touchdown and yardage props can be very entertaining.
  • Futures: Gain season-long rooting interest by betting on the Grey Cup winner.

The CFL is also great for handicapping because there’s a break in between weekly slates. That gives you plenty of time to research the odds and opportunities you like best.


While the Blue Jays are a source of local pride, MLB betting goes much further. From Opening Day to the World Series, here are a few baseball ideas to cut your teeth on:

  • Moneyline: A fantastic place to begin; you’re just trying to pick the winner of any single game.
  • Player props: Home runs and other individual stats take on a whole new meaning.
  • Futures: Pick the World Series, MVP, Cy Young winners and more.

From the spring through the fall, MLB always keeps its fans company, kind of like an old friend popping up 162 times a summer. While you can stay engaged daily as time permits, you can also pick your spots and simply get in on the action whenever works best for you.