BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario – Affiliate Code PLAYSB

BetRivers Sportsbook has a number of quality features that could well make it one of the more popular oddsmakers in Ontario. Download BetRivers online sportsbook in Ontario today, create your new account and be sure to enter the BetRivers affiliate code PLAYSB when you do.

BetRivers boasts the extensive collection of betting markets you would expect from a top-tier online sportsbook. You can also bet on live events while streaming them right within the app, check out the ‘House Specials‘ that provide odds boosts and other specials, and you’ll be automatically enrolled in the iRush rewards program.

Our review tells you everything you need to know about BetRivers in Ontario, including payment and support methods, and how to get started, fund your account, and place wagers — either right in your browser, or on the mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

Why Choose BetRivers Sportsbook in Ontario?
  • House specials, featuring odds boosts
  • Sportsbook app lets you bet on the move
  • Live stream events in-app
  • Variety of deposit and withdrawal options
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  • Payouts:
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BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook code 2022

Click here to download BetRivers and sign up for your new account. You will qualify for a new player off when you register, using the BetRivers code PLAYSB.

Online SportsbookBetRivers Sportsbook Ontario
BetRivers Ontario Affiliate CodePLAYSB
BetRivers Ontario Minimum Deposit$10
BetRiver Canada Banking OptionsTrustly, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Interac
BetRivers Ontario Best FeaturesAutomatically enrolled in iRush Rewards program; Quality betting tips and stats; Daily odds boosts
Last UpdatedMay 2022

Regular specials at the BetRivers sports betting app

One of the things you’ll likely enjoy about BetRivers ON Sportsbook is the number of specials that are available for existing customers. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Make a bet, get a bet: From time to time, BetRivers runs specials where you’ll receive a bet token when you make a wager of a certain size. Usually, this involves placing a bet on a specific game. BetRivers then gives you a token that you must use to place a live bet during that game.
  • Profit boosts: BetRivers also gives you a selection of profit boosts that you can use throughout the week. Most of these offers are tied to a day of the week. For instance, you could get a 20% NFL profit boost on Sundays, a 20% college football boost on Saturdays and a 20% NHL boost on Fridays. These boosts allow you to pick the exact bet you want to make, and you’ll get more money back if your bet wins.
  • Odds boosts: BetRivers offers daily odds boosts, too. With odds boosts, BetRivers increases the odds on a few select bets each day. Just click on the “House Specials” link each time you log in, and you’ll see that day’s boosts.

How to create a BetRivers Sportsbook account in Ontario

Creating a BetRivers online sportsbook account is easy, and you can complete the process remotely. Head to the BetRivers site, select ‘Ontario, and you’ll be directed to the signup process.  As part of the process, you’ll need to enter the following details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Occupation

BetRivers needs this information to confirm your identity and make sure you are at least 19 years old, which is the legal online betting age in Ontario. Be sure to enter the BetRivers Canada code PLAYSB when you sign up as well.

In addition, while you do not need to be an Ontario resident to wager at BetRivers, you do need to be in the province whenever you place a bet. BetRivers’ website and app use geolocation to track where you are whenever you are signed in. As long as you’re in Ontario, you’ll be able to bet. If you’re outside the province, you won’t be able to.

The BetRivers Sportsbook app in Ontario

As is the case with most things at BetRivers, downloading the using the BetRivers app is easy. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices, and here is how to get it:

How to download BetRivers on iOS

Head to via your iPhone or iPad and scroll down. There you’ll see an “Available on the App Store” button, directly below the header “Download Our Free App!” (Though in some US states, only the Android button is available here.) Selecting the button opens the Apple App Store directly to the BetRivers installation page. All that’s left is clicking “Get” and waiting for the app to download and install.

How to download BetRivers on Android

While using your phone or tablet, head to the BetRivers website and scroll down. Select the “Get it for Android” button. Doing so launches the Google Play Store, which will open to the correct BetRivers page. Just select “Install,” and in a matter of minutes, the app will be ready to use.

Navigating the BetRivers Ontario app

The BetRivers Sportsbook app is easy to navigate. After signing in the first time, you can use fingerprint or facial recognition to sign in going forward. Once you’re logged in, you can use the navigation bars along the top and bottom of the screen to make your way around the app. As soon as you find a wager you want to place, simply tap it to add it to your bet slip.

From there, you can either place your bet or keep adding wagers to create a parlay, round robin or teaser. You can access your account by clicking the “Account” button in the upper right corner of the screen. You can check out the current BetRivers offers by selecting the “Specials” button at the bottom. Also along the bottom is a “Support” button if you run into any issues using the BetRivers ON app.

iRush Rewards tiers at BetRivers Ontario
Deposit options at BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario
NHL betting options at BetRivers Sportsbook in Ontario
BetRivers Sportsbook is now live in Ontario

Best features of the BetRivers Sportsbook app

There are a lot of great features when it comes to BetRivers Sportsbook. Here are three that stood out during our review:

  • iRush Rewards: Rewards programs are sometimes few and far between at online sportsbooks. However, at BetRivers you’ll have access to one of the best in the industry. With each bet you place, you’ll earn rewards points that you can use for bets vouchers, profit boosts and more.
  • Betting stats and tips: Researching your bets can be a time-consuming process. Luckily, BetRivers makes it easy. That’s because above each game are two tabs, “Stats” and “Tips.” Under these tabs, you’ll find various information for each team, including betting trends.
  • House specials: At first glance, you might not realize that BetRivers offers daily odds boosts. That’s because you’ll find them under the “House Specials” link. Here you may find a handful of bets with increased odds. Sometimes they’re for single bets, while others are for boosted parlays.

Where is BetRivers Sportsbook lacking?

BetRivers does a lot of things very well, but there are a few areas that still could be better:

  • Offer variety: It’s great that BetRivers offers a number of profit boosts throughout the week for various sports. However, we wouldn’t mind seeing more frequent bet insurance or parlay insurance offers.
  • No 24-hour support: Most of the time you can talk with a live BetRivers representative. If you’re a night owl, though, that might not be the case. That’s because the BetRivers service department is only open from 9:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. ET.
  • The newsfeed: Here’s a problem that is more of an annoyance than anything else. On the BetRivers homepage, there’s what it calls the “Newsfeed.” This is just a constant scroll showing random users’ winning streaks or big wins.

Types of bets available at BetRivers Sportsbook for Ontario

You’ll be able to place a variety of bets at BetRivers. Here are the standard options you’ll run across for most sports:

  • Moneyline bets are the simplest type of bet you can make. That’s because all you are betting on is which team will win. At BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario, you can switch between decimal or American odds. Decimal odds are much easier to understand, so let’s see how they work. If the Ottawa Senators are playing the Boston Bruins, the moneyline might be 1.30 for Boston and 3.60 for Ottawa. This means that if you bet $10 on Boston and are correct, you would receive $13 back (your original $10 bet and $3 in winnings). If, instead, you bet $10 on Ottawa and the Senators pulled off the upset, you would receive $36 back (again, your $10 coming back and $26 in winnings).
  • Then there’s point spread betting. Here you have to bet on what the margin of victory will be. Let’s say the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors are squaring off. The line might be +6.5 for Toronto and -6.5 for Golden State. This means the Raptors will receive an extra 6.5 points if you bet on them, while the Warriors will have a handicap of 6.5 points if you wager on them. Your team just needs to be winning after adjusting for the spread, and your bet wins.
  • For totals, also known as over/unders, BetRivers provides a number for a specific category, and you just need to bet whether the actual number will be higher or lower. For example, for a Toronto Blue JaysNew York Yankees game, BetRivers might set the over/under for total runs at 8.5. This means you could bet whether the Blue Jays and Yankees will combine to score over or under 8.5 runs.
  • Next up is prop betting, which are plentiful at BetRivers. Think of props like side bets. You could, for example, bet on things like the following: How many points Pascal Siakam will finish with, whether Auston Matthews will score a game’s first goal or if Vladimir Guerrero Jr. will hit a home run.
  • For parlays, you can combine multiple bets from different games and different sports. The more bets you select, the more you can win. The reason for this is simple: In order to win a parlay, you must get all of your selections correct. Missing a single pick causes your whole parlay to lose.
  • Teasers are similar to parlays in that you’re combining multiple bets, but here you can move the line for each of your picks in your favour, making the teaser easier to win than a parlay, but for a lower potential payout.
  • And for round robins, you are also making multiple selections, but you can still win some money even if you don’t get all of your picks right.
  • Futures betting might be a good option if you don’t like the idea of betting on tons of games throughout the season. With futures, you instead bet on how you think a player or team will perform over the course of a season. For instance, you could bet on the Toronto Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup or Jack Campbell to win the Vezina Trophy.

Live betting at BetRivers online betting

With live betting, you can bet on games as they’re going on. Maybe the Blue Jays get off to a rough start and are down 3-0 after two innings. You check the odds and see their live moneyline is at 4.5, so you decide to put $10 on them to come back and win. If they do, you collect your $45 and celebrate accordingly.

Just click the live button at BetRivers Sportsbook and you’ll see all the ongoing games that you can wager on at any given time.

Sports you can bet on at BetRivers in Ontario

At BetRivers you can bet on pretty much any sport or league imaginable, starting with the big ones like the NHL, the NBA, the NFL, MLS, MLB and the CFL.

That also means you can bet on the Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto FC, Toronto Argonauts, Ottawa Redblacks and Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

If you are a fan of US college sports, you also will find numerous college football and basketball bets. At BetRivers you also can bet on sports like golf, auto racing, mixed martial arts and more.

Ontario futures betting

As we discussed earlier, futures betting can be a great way to go if you want to bet on a season as a whole, instead of betting game-by-game. BetRivers ON will provide various futures betting options for you to check out throughout the year.

You could, for example, bet on teams to win league titles. You also can bet on players to win season-long awards. For bigger sports like the NHL betting, you’ll find more bets available for team and player performances in the regular season and postseason.

How to deposit and cash out on the BetRivers app

Here are your current options for depositing and cashing out at BetRivers Sportsbook:


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
Credit/Debit Card$10Instant


You can generally withdraw via the same method you used to deposit. If that isn’t convenient, contact BetRivers for further options.

How to contact BetRivers Sportsbook online customer support

We’ve found that the best way to get help at BetRivers is by using the live chat feature or by perusing the help centre. The help centre has answers to the most common questions. It also has links to email BetRivers for help or to launch the live chat.

Responsible gambling at BetRivers online sportsbook in Ontario

To help you gamble responsibly, BetRivers lets you set limits on how much you can bet or deposit and on how much time you can spend on or the BetRivers app. You also can elect to remove yourself entirely from BetRivers if that is what you choose.

Where is the BetRivers retail sportsbook?

There is not a BetRivers retail sportsbook in Ontario at this time. That could change, however, as sports betting becomes more entrenched in the province.

Is BetRivers the best sportsbook in Ontario?

While BetRivers is a solid online sportsbook, whether it will be one of the top options in Ontario is a trickier question. Caesars sportsbook, DraftKings and FanDuel betting app are all  tough competitors. All three offer a combination of welcome rewards, specials for existing users and user experiences that challenge BetRivers’ claim to being the best.

BetRivers is clearly a good option, though. The specials and iRush rewards provide some extra value, and you may find the app and options suit you better than the others.

BetRivers FAQ

PLAYSB, enter this when you sign up at BetRivers, you will receive any available welcome specials by doing so.

BetRivers launched in Ontario April 4, 2022,  it needed to have received a license from provincial authorities to do so.

Yes, you can bet on the Leafs, Senators and the other 30 NHL teams at BetRivers Sportsbook.

Nope, you can complete the full registration process online.

The biggest difference between the two is that at the moment theScore Bet does not have a website and is only available via app.

As a legal sportsbook, BetRivers operates under certain standards of the various jurisdictions where it is available. That means you can trust that when you go to cash out, you’ll actually be able to do so.