Toronto Blue Jays Odds

Today's Blue Jay Odds: Run Line, Moneyline, Totals, Futures

For two glorious seasons back in the day, the Toronto Blue Jays were on top of the Major League Baseball mountain. The club was loaded with talent and won back-to-back World Series titles in 1992 and 1993. Then, the bid for a three-peat was derailed when the 1994 season was cut short by a labor strike. Unfortunately, the team was never able to capture lightning in a bottle again.

A lengthy postseason drought followed, but the Jays have managed to get things back together in recent times with playoff appearances in three of the last six years. There’s a promising core in place, led by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on offence and Hyun-jin Ryu on the mound, and the team looks to be a regular contender in the competitive AL East division.

As the lone MLB team to make its home in Canada, the Jays boast a passionate fanbase from coast to coast. Now that legal single-game wagering may finally be on the way to the Great White North, enthusiasm for the Jays could surge even harder.

If that comes to pass, bettors will have many more options to explore beyond the parlay-style games from the lottery. Top operators like DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook could bring their apps to Ontario before too long. In that light, here’s a complete look at betting on the Blue Jays—from tonight’s odds to the team’s postseason chances and all points in between.

Tonight’s Blue Jays odds: Moneyline, Runline, Totals

Every time the Blue Jays are set to take the field, you’ll find MLB odds at sportsbooks. The big three bet types of moneylines, run lines and totals are featured prominently. You can shop around on the latest numbers with ease by checking out our customizable live odds feed.

Blue Jays odds to win the World Series, AL pennant

The Blue Jays have been making progress, but are they ready to take a bigger leap forward? The futures market is the place to gauge the team’s chances of making the postseason, snatching the American League pennant or even winning the World Series. Our live odds feed pulls together the latest real-time data from the top shops on those markets as well.

Guerrero Jr. MVP odds

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is looking like a potential superstar in the making. What are the chances of his ascending to the next level quickly and winning the MVP? You can bet on that via the futures market as well, and our live odds feed is the go-to spot for the latest numbers.

Do your Blue Jays homework

Prior to placing your bets on the next Jays game, spend some time digging into not only the matchup but also how things are going for the teams as a whole. Who’s hot or not? What does today’s lineup look like? Any streaks or trends to be aware of?

By spending time getting to the bottom of those questions and more, you’ll be able to place your wagers with more confidence. Let’s take a look at some of the top news and notes surrounding the club, as well as some of the more notable trends to know.

Blue Jays live betting odds

Once upon a time, betting on MLB games came to a halt once the first pitch was thrown. That’s no longer the case. The introduction of live betting has been a game-changer for sportsbooks and fans alike. Also known as in-game betting, these are real-time bets based on what’s happening on the field. You’ll find several different opportunities to explore throughout the game, including:

  • Updated odds and lines for moneylines, run lines and totals
  • Player, team and game props
  • Bet on individual at-bats, innings and other snippets of the game

This market constantly moves. The odds and offerings will vary according to live action. In this respect, mobile apps make for a fantastic sidekick when watching the Jays game. You can log in and view the current opportunities as the action plays out on the field. Live betting can really ramp up your enjoyment level all season long.

MLB betting glossary

The MLB season is filled with games, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get in on the action whenever you like. Sportsbooks are always on standby with the odds for each slate of games. When you log in to view the upcoming schedule, you’ll see each contest listed out.

 MoneylineRun LineTotals
Detroit Tigers+135+1.5 (-130)Over 8.5 (-110)
Toronto Blue Jays-155-1.5 (+110)Under 8.5 (-110)

The series of numbers next to the team names are the odds and lines for moneylines, run lines and totals. Here’s what you need to know about each.

  • Moneylines: You’ll see negative odds for favourites and positive numbers for underdogs. The goal is to pick the winner of the game.
  • Run lines: Pick the favourite minus 1.5 runs or the dog plus the number. The side you choose has to cover the run line for your bet to be a winner.
  • Totals: Oddsmakers set an estimated total number of runs scored in the game. Bettors get to choose over or under that amount for the final tally.

All three of these wagers will attract plenty of action for each MLB game. They’re a great spot to start, but betting action isn’t limited to them. Other top MLB betting options include:

  • Props: Other ways to bet on the individual games. It’s basically side action on what might happen, such as the accomplishments of an individual player.
  • Parlays: Add multiple choices to a betting slip in a quest for greater returns. In order to win, you have to be right on all your selections.
  • Futures: These are long-term wagers on how the whole season will play out, such as which team will win the World Series or which player will win the MVP.

Also, remember that you’ll be able to bet in real time via live betting markets. In short, you won’t be lacking for MLB betting options at sportsbooks.

Our No. 1 MLB betting secret

The MLB season is a lengthy one, and all teams will go through plenty of ebbs and flows as a result. From a betting perspective, you can actually use this to your advantage. Momentum and the current state of affairs are huge factors impacting the results on the field. When teams are clicking, wins may follow. It’s the opposite when a rough patch comes along.

There are a lot of factors that go into handicapping baseball successfully, so there’s no single metric that amounts to a holy grail. Instead, it’s a sum-of-the-parts kind of thing, but a team’s momentum and current vibe can help you sort through big slates of MLB games to find potentially appealing opportunities quickly. Here’s how.

  • Start by examining the full slate of games, including the odds and lines and starting pitching matchup.
  • Next, compare the records of the teams slated to compete over the last 10 games. You’re looking for differences, such as a team on a 7-3 run versus a team on a 3-7 slide.
  • Take a deep dive and look at runs scored and allowed over the last five games for both sides.

After you have all of the information gathered, the goal is to zero in on teams that have been winning a lot of late while producing at the plate and holding opponents in check. There will be slates in which no teams fit the bill and others in which you might find a handful. Once you have one, compare it with other key points—pitching, bullpen, etc.—and make the call.

There are absolutely no fail-safes when it comes to betting on baseball or any other sport. Anything can happen on the field of play. However, this is a solid approach. Add it to the arsenal and track your results. Then, be flexible enough to adjust your tactics as needed.

Blue Jays Vegas odds

For decades, Las Vegas controlled the conversation on sports betting. If you wanted to know the latest odds on a game, then you had to research what the folks out in the desert had to say. The oddsmakers in Sin City are incredibly talented and still hold a lot of clout in the market, but times are changing.

As sportsbooks set up shop in new locales, they’re responsible for setting their own odds. When you’re dealing with the legal books from top industry operators, you’ll find they stack up quite well with Vegas odds. Blue Jays betting odds won’t always be exactly the same, but when you’re ready to bet on the Jays, you’ll find very similar lines much closer to home.

Blue Jays schedule

The MLB regular season begins with Opening Day in late March or early April and runs through to the end of September or early October. Each team plays 162 games along the way, and you’ll be able to find odds for each of them on our customizable feed above. To build the schedule itself, the powers that be follow a specific format.

  • Teams play 19 games against the four teams in their division for a total of 76.
  • A total of 66 games are played against other teams in the same league.
  • The remaining 20 games are inter-league contests.

At roughly the midway point, there’s the All-Star Game and assorted fan-friendly festivities to enjoy. Following the conclusion of the regular season, it’s time for the playoffs, which can run into early November as needed. For fans and bettors alike, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the MLB all season long.

Blue Jays draft picks

As with all MLB teams, Toronto’s roster is a mix of home-grown talent and free agent acquisitions. The team has managed to find a number of gems in the MLB Draft through the years, and hopes are naturally high that recent picks will blossom into full-time contributors in the big leagues. Here’s a peek at the last 10 first-round draft picks for the Blue Jays.

YearPlayerPositionDrafted From
2020Austin MartinSSVanderbilt
2019Alek ManoahRHPWest Virginia
2018Jordan GroshansSSMagnolia High School
2017Nate PearsonRHPCollege of Central Florida
2017Logan WarmothSSNorth Carolina
2016T.J. ZeuchRHPPittsburgh
2015Jon HarrisRHPMissouri State
2014Max PentecostCKennesaw State
2014Jeff HoffmanRHPEast Carolina
2013Phil BickfordRHPOaks Christian School

Blue Jays stat leaders

Toronto has been home to plenty of MLB stars through the years. The franchise record book is filled with lots of instantly recognizable names, with several of the longest-tenured players topping the charts in several different stat categories.

Batting AveragePaul Molitor, .3151993-95
Home RunsCarlos Delgato, .3361993-2004
Runs Batting InCarlos Delgato, 1,0581993-2004
RunsCarlos Delgato, 8891993-2004
Plate AppearancesCarlos Delgato, 6,0181993-2004
Earned Run AverageTom Henke, 2.481985-92
WinsDave Stieb, 1751979-92, 1998
SavesTom Henke, 2171985-92
Innings PitchedDave Stieb, 2,8731979-92, 1998
StrikeoutsDave Stieb, 1,6581979-92, 1998

Blue Jays coaching staff

Charlie Montoyo has been at the helm as manager of the Blue Jays since 2019. He previously served as a coach with the Tampa Bay Rays from 2015-18. Montoyo has already managed to get the club to the postseason early in his tenure, and hopes are high that the arrow will continue pointing up. Here’s a look at the staff behind Montoyo.

  • Dave Hudgens, Bench coach
  • Guillermo Martinez, Hitting coach
  • Pete Walker, Pitching coach
  • Mark Budzinski, First base coach
  • Luis Rivera, Third base coach
  • Matt Buschmann, Bullpen coach
  • John Schneider, Major League coach
  • Alex Andreopoulos, Bullpen catcher
  • Nevin Ashley, Bullpen catcher
  • Gil Kim, Player development director

Past Blue Jays managers

As the manager responsible for leading the Jays to back-to-back crowns, Cito Gaston remains the measuring stick in Toronto. After some time away from the team, he even came back for a short stint a little over a decade ago. Here’s a look back at the records for all of the managers in Toronto since the turn of the century (prior to Montoyo taking over).

NameTenureRegular SeasonPlayoffs
John Gibbons2013-18488-48410-10
John Farrell2011-12154-170N/A
Cito Gaston2008-10211-201N/A
John Gibbons2004-08305-305N/A
Carlos Tosca2002-04191-191N/A
Buck Martinez2001-02100-115N/A

Toronto Blue Jays home games

The Toronto Blue Jays joined the MLB as an expansion franchise in 1977. They initially played home games at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto. In 1989, the club moved to what was then-known as SkyDome, a name that stuck until 2005. Here are the details on where you can catch the Jays in person.

  • Name: Rogers Centre
  • Address: 1 Blue Jays Way
  • Location: Toronto, ON M5V 0L7
  • Owner: Rogers Communications
  • Capacity: 49,282
  • Surface: AstroTurf 3D Xtreme with dirt infield
  • Ground breaking: Oct. 3, 1986
  • Opening date: June 3, 1989
  • Construction cost: $570 million

Other events hosted: CFL, NBA, NCAAF, concerts, other entertainment

Blue Jays announcers 

Sportsnet, owned by Rogers Communications, is the primary home for Blue Jays telecasts across the nation. Buck Martinez serves as the primary play-by-play voice with Pat Tabler on colour commentary. Dan Schulman and Matt Devlin substitute with the call at times.

Jamie Campbell serves as the host for Blue Jays Central on the tube. Over on the radio, Sportsnet 590 CJCL is the flagship station, with the feed picked up by affiliates across Canada. Ben Wagner is the primary radio play-by-play voice.

Blue Jays logo and mascot 

Long-time fans of the Jays will remember the team’s initial mascot, BJ Birdy, who served admirably in the role from 1979 to 1999. A pair of new characters, Ace and Diamond, debuted in 2000 and served as a tag-team duo until 2003. Ace has been a solo act since that point, but he is sometimes joined by Junior.

Primary team colours are royal blue, navy blue, red and white, but there are also alternative jersey shades used at times. The main logo is the head of a blue jay with a blue background complemented by a red maple leaf. The team last updated its main logo and uniforms prior to the 2012 campaign.

Who owns the Blue Jays?

At franchise inception, the Blue Jays were founded by a consortium led by Labatt Brewing Company. The group paid a $7 million franchise fee to begin play in MLB. In 1995, Labatt was acquired by Belgian-based Interbrew.

The entity retained control of the team until selling 80 percent to Rogers Communications in 2000 for $168 million. Rogers scooped up the remaining 20 percent in 2004 for $45 million and remains the complete owner of the club to this day, with Ross Atkins serving as team president.

How much are Blue Jays tickets?

The Toronto Blue Jays section of is the place to start your journey for tickets. You’ll also be able to find options on resellers such as Ticketmaster, SeatGeek and Vivid Seats. However, it’s important to know that prices can and will vary on the secondary resale markets, sometimes substantially.

The same can apply based on team performance and upcoming opponents. For standard rates, the club uses what’s known as variable pricing, which means it runs in specific tiers for select games. Based on the most current season, here’s how the ranges break down based on where you want to sit.

  • Field level infield: $52 – $135
  • Field level bases: $38 – $100
  • 200 level infield: $38 – $100
  • 200 level bases: $34 – $90
  • 100 level outfield: $24 – $65
  • 200 level outfield: $22 – $59
  • 500 level infield: $12 – $35
  • 500 level bases: $10 – $30

Where to watch or hear Blue Jays games

Sportsnet serves as the home for Blue Jays telecasts in Canada. The regional sports network giant can be found on cable, satellite and streaming packages, but you should always take the time to confirm availability to avoid any potential hangups. You can also find coverage on the Sportsline app or website, but note that valid login credentials will be required.

The MLB.TV subscription service is also available to pick up additional games on the docket, but note that local blackout restrictions will apply. If you want to stream the audio feed of Blue Jays games, you can check out the TuneIn Radio website or app. Also, remember that Ontario sports betting mobile apps are the place to go for live betting opportunities as the games play out.

Toronto Blue Jays by the numbers 

Our complete guide to the Blue Jays has covered all of the important points about the club, but there’s still plenty more to know. Here’s a collection of some of the more interesting tidbits and trivia about Toronto’s MLB team.

How much would it cost to buy the Blue Jays?

It’ll set you back a pretty penny. Based on the latest MLB franchise valuations from Forbes, the price tag on the Blue Jays is $1.675 billion. That puts them in the middle of the league, 15th place, on the most-valuable list. The New York Yankees hold the top spot at $5.25 billion, while the Miami Marlins are on the bottom at $990 million.

How many times have the Blue Jays made it to the playoffs?

Toronto has made it to the MLB Playoffs a total of eight times in franchise history, six times as division champs and twice as a wild card. Here’s a look back at the seasons in which they made it and how long the run lasted.

  • 2020: Lost in Wild Card round
  • 2016: Lost in ALCS
  • 2015: Lost in ALCS
  • 1993: Won World Series
  • 1992: Won World Series
  • 1991: Lost ALCS
  • 1989: Lost ALCS
  • 1985: Lost ALCS

Who is the top-rated Blue Jays player on MLB The Show?

It’s relief pitcher Kirby Yates at the top of the charts with a rating of 88. Next up is LF Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and SP Hyun-jin Ryu at 87. LF Teoscar Hernandez and CF George Springer round out the top five at 85 and 83 respectively. Interestingly, 3B Vladimir Guerrero Jr. checks in quite low with a mark of 74. For the prospects, SP Alek Manoah has the highest mark at 72.

Are any Blue Jays in the MLB Hall of Fame?

Eight players who spent at least some time with the Jays are in the hall, along with one manager and one general manager. Here’s the list, along with their tenure.

  • 2B Roberto Alomar, 1991-95
  • OF Rickey Henderson, 1993
  • SP Roy Halladay, 1998-2009
  • SP Jack Morris, 1992-93
  • DH Paul Molitor, 1993-95
  • SP Phil Niekro, 1987
  • OF Dave Winfield, 1992
  • 1B Frank Thomas, 2007-08
  • M Bobby Cox, 1982-85
  • GM Pat Gillick, 1978-94

How many numbers have the Blue Jays retired?

The Jays have retired two numbers to date—No.12 for 2B Roberto Alomar and No. 32 for SP Roy Halladay—and also follow MLB tradition on the retirement of number 42 for Jackie Robinson. The club also maintains a level of excellence at Rogers Centre. Here are the honourees to date.

  • SS/3B Tony Fernandez
  • LF George Bell
  • 2B Roberto Alomar
  • 1B Carlos Delgado
  • RF Joe Carter
  • SP Dave Stieb
  • SP Roy Halladay
  • M Cito Gaston
  • GM Pat Gillick
  • Tom Cheek, Broadcaster
  • Paul Beeston, Executive

Who is the Blue Jays’ all-time leader in WAR?

For baseball stat-heads, Wins Above Replacement attempts to be an argument settler. It aims to measure a player’s total contribution to a team in a single number. For the Jays, Jose Bautista tops the list for hitters. Then, it’s Dave Stieb on top for the pitchers. Here are the top three in both categories.

Blue Jays WAR position players leaders

  • 1 – Jose Bautista, 38.3
  • 2 – Tony Fernandez, 37.5
  • 3 – Carlos Delgado, 36.8

Blue Jays WAR for pitchers leaders

  • 1 – Dave Stieb, 56.9
  • 2 – Roy Halladay, 48.4
  • 3 – Jimmy Key, 29.7

What was the best regular season record for the Blue Jays?

That came way back in 1985. The Jays finished with a record of 99-62, good enough for a .615 winning percentage and an AL East title. The club fell to the Kansas City Royals in the ALCS in seven games. Toronto has topped 90 wins four other times in franchise history. Here’s how that translated into the postseason.

  • 1991: 91-71, .562, Lost ALCS
  • 1992: 96-66, .593, Won World Series
  • 1993: 95-67, .586, Won World Series
  • 2015: 93-69, .574, Lost ALCS

What’s the most that the Blue Jays ever spent on a player contract?

This record was set recently. The Jays ponied up $150 million over six years to sign stud free agent OF George Springer to a contract in January 2021. Here’s a look at the five biggest all-time contracts for the team and the year signed.

  • 1 – OF George Springer, 6 years, $150M, 2021
  • 2 – OF Vernon Wells, 7 years, $126M, 2006
  • 3 – C Russell Martin, 5 years, $82M, 2014
  • 4 – SP Hyun-jin Ryu, 4 years, $80M, 2019
  • 5 – OF Jose Bautista, 5 years, $64M, 2011

Which Blue Jays player has hit the most home runs?

It’s franchise icon Carlos Delgado at the top of the charts with 336. Delgado was with the Jays from 1993-2004 before finishing his career with the Florida Marlins and New York Mets. Just six Toronto players have smashed 200 or more homers. Here’s the list.

  • Carlos Delgado, 336
  • Jose Bautista, 288
  • Edwin Encarnacion, 239
  • Vernon Wells, 223
  • Joe Carter, 203
  • George Bell, 202

What Blue Jays pitcher has the franchise record for strikeouts?

Franchise legend Dave Stieb leads the way with 1,658 over a Jays career that spanned from 1979 to 1992. He spent a year with the Chicago White Sox in 1993 and then was out of the game for a few years before finishing his career back in Toronto in 1999. Just five Blue Jays pitchers have topped 1,000 strikeouts. Here’s a look.

  • Dave Stieb, 1,658
  • Roy Halladay, 1,495
  • Jim Clancy, 1,237
  • Juan Guzman, 1,030
  • Pat Hentgen, 1,028