Touchdown Prop Bets

For decades, the big three pregame bets of the moneyline, point spread and total have dominated the conversation in NFL betting circles. As legal sports betting continues to grow in the US and now in Canada, additional wagering options have been surging up the charts.

Interest in player props has increased tremendously in recent years. These bets bring some fantasy sports flavor to sports betting, so those with experience in that realm can use props as a natural starting point, while even experienced bettors are expanding their horizons.

One of the most intriguing options to explore for NFL games is touchdown props. You’re simply wagering on which players will find paydirt during the games. Here’s what you need to know about betting on them at legal Ontario sportsbooks.

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NFL touchdown prop odds

Touchdown props have become big attractions at legal online sportsbooks. You can find odds for various players to find the end zone for each game on the docket. For a weekly NFL slate, you’ll have plenty of options to consider.

Have a specific player that you’re interested in? Check below for the latest odds from across the industry. When you see a number that you like, click the odds, claim the online sportsbook bonus and get ready to place your bet.

What are touchdown props?

Touchdown props are various bets on the scoring that happens in NFL games. Players can score touchdowns in various ways, and you can bet on who might do so for each game on the schedule at Ontario sports betting sites.

The odds will be based on the overall likelihood of a player reaching the end zone. For star players, the numbers can be akin to what you would find for a favorite in a moneyline game, while the odds for role players can go dramatically in the other direction.

We’ll walk through some examples of how the odds work in a bit. For now, know that this is a segment of NFL prop betting markets that is growing in popularity. The potential is there for really nice returns, and games can be that much more entertaining as a result.

NFL touchdown scoring

There are five distinct ways for a TD to happen during the course of an average game. For TD prop purposes, the player who actually crosses the goal line receives credit, but there are other ways to bet on TDs, as well. Here are the scoring plays:

Passing and receiving TDs

The QB or another player passes the ball to a player who catches it and finds the end zone.

For example, Tom Brady hits Antonio Brown for a 40-yard TD reception.

Rushing TDs

After taking a handoff, the RB or another player hurries across the goal line for a score, or the QB runs it in himself.

For example, Derrick Henry runs for a 19-yard TD.

Special teams TDs

A returner catches a kickoff or punt and races down the field for a score.

For example, DeAndre Carter returns the opening kickoff 95 yards for a score.

Defensive TDs

A member of the defense scoops up a fumble or intercepts a pass and returns it for a TD.

For example, Trevon Diggs picks off Daniel Jones and returns it for a score.

Touchdowns are highlights for every game. In fact, scoring is so popular for NFL contests that there’s a dedicated channel for the Sunday games known as NFL RedZone. The subscription add-on provides whip-around coverage of scoring situations from all of the day’s games.

Thanks to touchdown props, fans can get in on the action and place their bets on players to score throughout the slate. While it’s impossible to make the right call every time, it can be fun and rewarding when you do get one correct.

Best sportsbooks for NFL touchdown props

Due to their growing popularity, NFL touchdown props are easy to find on the majority of sports betting apps. Once you click on the main game listing, you’ll see all of the available props for that contest.

There are certain NFL sportsbooks that even have dedicated prop tabs on the main menu. Once you find the available props where you play, TD scores will be among the options. Here are some of the books that do an excellent job with NFL props.

DraftKings Sportsbook

A go-to spot for many bettors, DraftKings Sportsbook has one of the slickest platforms in the industry. There’s a dedicated tab for TD scorers in the NFL betting section.

DrafKings Sportsbook TD Props

FanDuel Sportsbook

A leader in a number of legal markets, the FanDuel sports betting app knocks it out of the park when it comes to being user friendly. Each NFL game has its own prop betting menu, but you can also sort through games with the dropdown menu.

FanDuel Sportsbook TD Prop Bets

BetMGM Sportsbook

This is another top sportsbook that finds itself among the revenue leaders in several legal markets. Each game has its own section for props, including those of the TD variety. Use the BetMGM Ontario offer when you sign up.

BetMGM Sportsbook TD Prop Bets

 Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Online Sportsbook has been growing tremendously in recent times with great tech and competitive odds helping to lead the charge. When you click on a game listing, you’ll find a dedicated link for TDs.

Caesars Sportsbook TD Prop Bets

As you gain experience with TD props, you’ll find similar odds at the top sportsbooks, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be exactly the same. Take the time to shop around and compare prices to make sure that you’re getting the most favorable odds on your chosen players.

Touchdown prop odds explained

Just like any other NFL bet, the odds for TD props indicate the most likely outcome. Using an “any time touchdown scorer” bet as an example, here’s what the top of the odds board looks like for a random upcoming game.

How touchdown props work

The players whom the sportsbook views as the most probable TD scorers will have negative odds using the American format, and the numbers will rise into positive territory as you scroll down the list. If you’re viewing the odds in decimal form, then it’s the lower values for the favorites and higher values for the less likely scorers.

Ways to bet on NFL touchdowns

There are a few ways to place some money on NFL TD props. You can focus on players to score at any point of the game, who will score at a specific time, multiple TDs from the same player and more. Here’s a run-through of the top options:

Anytime TD scorer

You win this bet if the player you select scores a TD at any point during the game.

Anytime touchdown scorer

Player to score first or last TD

Separate wagers on the players who will score the game’s first or last TDs.

Player to score first or last TD

 Player to score 2+ TDs

You can place your bets on a player to hit paydirt two or more times in the same game.

Player to score 2+ TDs

TD/moneyline parlay

You can place a same-game parlay bet on a player to score and the side that you think will win.

TD/moneyline parlay

While those are the variations of TD props that tend to attract the most interest, there are several more to sort through on the menu. For example, you can bet on the over/under for QB passing TDs.

Or on the side to score the game’s first TD.

In short, you won’t be lacking options by a long shot, and the above are just some of the examples. Here are some additional ways to bet on TDs:

  • First team TD scorer.
  • Player to score three-plus TDs.
  • Team to score first and win.
  • First TD of first and second halves.
  • Player to score a TD in the first or second half.
  • Player to score a TD by quarter.

The pregame menu of options is really deep, and you can find even more by live betting once the games get underway. Live wagering odds will be available at most of the top legal online sportsbooks.

Which players are most likely to score a TD?

In an NFL game, the most likely TD scorers are what’s known as skill position players: running backs, wide receivers and tight ends. QBs can also sneak in the end zone and even be on the receiving end of a pass.

However, remember that props such as anytime TD scorer bets are credited to the player who makes it into the end zone. If a quarterback throws a TD, it’s the receiver who gets credited with the score for the prop. Defensive or special team scores will go to the unit as a whole.

When you examine the odds for the scorers in each game, you’ll find that the top players will have negative odds in the American format or lower values among all of the decimal numbers that you see. That’s simply due to the fact that seeing them hit paydirt is a distinct possibility.

As you scroll down the board, the odds will rise for the players who are less involved in the typical game plan. You’ll also see the numbers for the QB and defenses in this range. If you’re looking for safer picks, stick to the top offensive options for each team. For those who don’t mind taking on some more risk, then dig deeper into the depth chart to find some candidates. We’ll walk through some tips that you can use for scouting out TD props in a bit.

What are the payouts like for NFL touchdown props?  

The payout for winning bets will be based on the odds at the time you placed a bet. For example, a $100 wager on Christian McCaffrey at odds of -155 (decimal odds of 1.65) would return a profit of $64.50. Meanwhile, the same bet on DeVonta Smith at odds of +190 (Decimal odds of 2.9) has the potential for $190 in winnings.

If you manage to make the right call on a player who isn’t among the most likely to score, then the returns can be fantastic. That said, their odds are where they are for a reason: The chances of it happening are less likely. As always, you should make your bets based on your confidence level and not solely on the potential return. 

Super Bowl touchdown props

When it’s time for betting on the Super Bowl, sportsbooks will have hundreds of props to choose from. Yes, TD props will be among the options. This is yet another way to add excitement to what is the biggest betting event of the calendar year. You can focus on the stars to cross the goal line, or dig deeper for the unheralded hero to find the end zone.

All of the usual TD props will be available for the Super Bowl. Also, there has been a rise of late in single-game or same-game parlays. These are bets where you include multiple picks from the same game on one betting slip for the chance at greater returns. For example, you could make your call on Super Bowl MVP plus an anytime TD scorer on the same ticket.

Tips for betting on NFL touchdown props

While betting on TD props is different from wagering on the main pregame bets of moneylines, spreads and totals, the same general handicapping principles apply. In both cases, you’re scouting for advantages so that you can zero in on the best possible plays. For TD props, here are three tips to keep in mind:

Projected game score

There are plenty of sites that post estimated game scores, but you can also figure it out yourself from the spread and totals. It’s a simple calculation.

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Chiefs -3, O/U 53.5
  2. Take the over/under and divide it in half: 53.5/2 = 26.75
  3. Do the same for the spread: 3/2 = 1.5
  4. The Chiefs are favored, so take half the total and add 1.5 points: 26.75 + 1.5 = 28.25
  5. For the underdog Bills, take half the total and subtract 1.5 points: 26.75 – 1.5 = 25.25
  6. Check your math: 28.25 + 25.25 = 53.5

By knowing the estimated scoring potential for each team, you can quickly focus on where the TDs may come from. Higher scores equal more potential TDs, while lower scores equal fewer possible TDs. As an alternative approach, you can focus on the highest over/unders of the week, such as those at 47.5 points or greater.

Fantasy player projections 

If you’ve ever played season-long fantasy football or daily fantasy sports, then you likely have an idea of the importance of player projections. For those who have never played fantasy, no worries. There are plenty of sites that provide reasonable projections on the performance of players in upcoming games. They won’t necessarily be right on the money, but the projections at least provide a solid research point for reasonable expectations.

TDs for and allowed

If you’re breaking down a game for a spread or moneyline bet, you’re looking for advantages on either side. For TD props, it’s the same basic concept. A fantastic number to check is the TDs scored and allowed by each team. You can also drill down even further and see where the scores are coming from — pass, run or miscellaneous — or how the team is allowing them. It’s a worthwhile exercise that can uncover some good clues.

There is no single magic stat or research nugget that’s going to lead you to success with TD prop betting. It’s a sum-of-the-parts approach in which you’re essentially building out a case for the most likely candidates. For those who put in the effort, it’s possible to develop your skills to the point that you’re making reasonable picks that turn out to be correct regularly.

Are NFL touchdown props worth it?  

NFL touchdown props continue to grow in popularity. They’re easily accessible at legal online sportsbooks, they’re lots of fun, and they open the doors to more ways to win on the games. So are they worth it for you?

The answer really depends on what you’re looking for. NFL touchdown props are not a golden ticket to success, but they may allow even those starting from scratch to quickly build their skills up and find some success.

That said, remember that there are absolutely no guarantees when it comes to betting on sports. No matter how great your process is, there will always be games — and even entire weeks — that go much differently from what you were thinking over the course of the season.

Still, the entertainment factor is high, and there are reasonable chances to win for each game on the schedule. If that sounds like a great deal, then NFL touchdown props may be something you want to check out.