Thursday Night Football Odds

Getting your bets down on Thursday Night Football marks the dawning of each new NFL week.

Many moons ago, TNF was a special event reserved for select dates during the season. These days, you can find a wide range of TNF odds at legal online sportsbooks from the opening week of the regular season straight through to the postseason stretch run.

Beyond just the standard pregame bets (moneylines, spreads, and totals), there are dozens of TNF props and same-game parlays to consider. Live Thursday Night Football odds are also posted once the game gets underway.

If you want to jump in on TNF action, here’s how, including actual odds from the top online sportsbooks in Ontario.

Tonight’s Thursday Night Football odds: Spread, Moneyline, Totals

As each week’s first NFL game, Thursday Night Football brings bettors to the window in droves. Odds often shift as a result, but you can lean on the real-time feed below for an updated look. If you like any odds you see, click to go right to the sportsbook and get your bets down.

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Best bets for Thursday Night Football

NFL betting lines come out well in advance of game time at legal Ontario sportsbooks. Most NFL games attract tons of action, but primetime games are the most heavily bet.

When you visit your sportsbook of choice and click on the NFL or football tab, you’ll see all of the upcoming games with the odds for three big pregame wagers.

Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks

 American OddsDecimal Odds
Moneyline-120/+100 83/2.00
Spread Rams-1.5 -110/-11091/1.91
Total Over/Under51.5 -110/-11091/1.91

Since the odds come out early, you have plenty of time to research. Still, expect to see some movement right up until kickoff. Here’s what to remember about each bet type.

TNF moneyline bets

See real-time TNF moneyline odds above. Just pick the winner. Negative odds and the lower decimal value indicate the favourite. Positive numbers and higher digits show the favourites.

TNF spread bets

See real-time TNF point spread odds above. You can take the favourite minus the spread or go with the underdog plus the points. The side that you select has to cover the spread.

TNF over/under bets

See real-time TNF over/under odds above. Bet “Over” or “Under” the estimated number of points scored by the two teams. The total is set by oddsmakers.

Placing your bets is as simple as clicking the odds for your selection. It goes on the betting slip from there, where you’ll verify that’s what you want before clicking submit. The book will display the potential return, but online handicapping calculators can also be used as needed.

As for the movements on the odds board, that can be in response to betting volume or other developments. The odds won’t always be exactly the same everywhere, so you can always take the time to shop for the best price.

Thursday Night Football prop bets

Once you click through the main game listing at legal Ontario sportsbooks, you’ll see all of the other available betting markets for the game. There will be alternate lines for the spread and totals, plus ways to bet on quarters and halves. In addition, there will be a wide range of prop bets. Examples may include:

  • How many total touchdowns for Josh Allen—Over/Under 3.5?
  • Who will have more combined yards in the game—Chris Carson or Aaron Jones?
  • Total passing yards for Russell Wilson—Over/Under 289.5?

Player props are very popular for betting on NFL games. You’ll see props with two options as well as many with several choices to consider, such as which players will score touchdowns. Additional prop betting opportunities can revolve around the individual teams or the game as a whole, such as whether or not overtime will be needed.

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Betting same-game parlays

Thursday Night Football may be the only game on the docket when you get set to place your bets, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until Sunday to pick some NFL parlays. Same-game parlays have grown to be very popular. These are bets that let you make multiple picks on the same game on a single betting slip.

Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings

 American OddsDecimal Odds
Vikings +2.5 points-11091
Total Over 51.5 points-10893
Dalvin Cook to score a TD-14071
Total single game parlay odds+38484

The odds for the bet will be based on the numbers for all of the legs that you include. It works just like any other parlay bet. If you’re right on all of your choices, you win, but one single wrong selection renders the whole ticket a loser.

Parlays are high-risk, high-reward as a result, but it’s another way to enhance rooting interest for standalone games.

What are the Vegas TNF odds?

Las Vegas may still be known as the “sports betting capital of the world,” but Sin City doesn’t have a lock on the best odds any longer. The legal sports betting industry has absolutely exploded in recent years. As operators set up shop in regulated markets, they are bringing with them odds that stack up quite well with the competition.

NFL bettors have grown used to monitoring Vegas odds for decades. You can still check out what those talented oddsmakers forecast, but know that you’ll find extremely competitive lines much closer to home.

This year’s Thursday Night Football schedule

The NFL regular season schedule is officially released several months before the first game of the new campaign. While each game is important, primetime TNF games receive some extra attention from schedule makers. Here’s how this year’s schedule shakes out.

1Sep. 9, 2021Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2Sep. 16, 2021New York Giants @ Washington Football Team
3Sep. 23, 2021Carolina Panthers @ Houston Texans
4Sep. 30, 2021Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cincinnati Bengals
5Oct. 7, 2021Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks
6Oct. 14, 2021Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Philadelphia Eagles
7Oct. 21, 2021Denver Broncos @ Cleveland Browns
8Oct. 28, 2021Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals
9Nov. 4, 2021New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts
10Nov. 11, 2021Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins
11Nov. 18, 2021New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcons
12Nov. 25, 2021Buffalo Bills @ New Orleans Saints
13Dec. 2, 2021Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints
14Dec. 9, 2021Pittsburgh Steelers @ Minnesota Vikings
15Dec. 16, 2021Kansas City Chiefs @ Los Angeles Chargers
16Dec. 23, 2021San Francisco 49ers @ Tennessee Titans

Since the schedule comes out so far in advance, there’s no guarantee each matchup will be fantastic. For TNF, there’s also the added wrinkle of a short week of preparation for teams, so schedule makers have to factor that into the template. When all is said and done, NFL fans can find plenty of appealing matchups to anticipate all season long.

Thursday Night Football betting trends

Overall, home squads have a slight edge on TNF, but the script was flipped in 2020. For betting purposes, the home field edge can be much more pronounced when the game itself is a paper mismatch. Outside of that, there’s a lot of parity in the NFL, so upsets can happen at any time.

Over/under have been a relative crapshoot, but there is a slight edge to Under 49 points. Just like upsets, shootouts can break out just about anytime in the NFL, but lower scoring games tend to make the most sense for projections when it comes to dealing with clubs that are playing on limited rest.

Three tips for betting on Thursday Night Football

No matter when NFL games are played, the same basic handicapping principles apply. You’ll want to break down the matchup or lean on sources that you trust while looking for advantages on either side before making your bets. For TNF specifically, put some special emphasis on the following factors.

  1. Pay attention to rest and travel: The short week of preparation is tough on all NFL teams. But it can be particularly challenging for the roadside. Make note of where teams are coming from, what happened last week, and the upcoming schedule for valuable insights. Seemingly small things can make a big difference in a short week.
  2. Review history and betting splits: TNF tends to include a lot of divisional matchups, so there’s a good amount of series history to research. For any other matchup, previous head-to-head meetings and team performance in primetime can provide some solid clues. Last but not least, the home field can mean more on a short week. Hence, be sure to examine home/away records.
  3. Current momentum can be a difference-maker: Picture it: a hot team is getting set for a quick turnaround, while its struggling opponent is trying to figure out what’s going wrong. Which side has the edge? When you look at it like that, the answer is pretty clear. The current momentum is a strong factor to watch for all of the time, but especially on TNF.

As with any other NFL game, success with betting on Thursday Night Football goes much further than trying to figure out matchup advantages and the most likely outcome. When breaking down a game, you’re basically building out a case for both arguments. Don’t be shy about trusting your gut and digging in when your findings differ from conventional wisdom.

Which teams have the best records on Thursday Night Football?

Prior to 2006, there were the occasional games on off-days, but the NFL was mainly reserved for Sundays, Monday nights, and the occasional Saturday. TNF NFL became a regularity in the latter part of the 2006 campaign.

Initially reserved for the later stages of the year, TNF has since expanded to run over nearly the entire season. Some clubs have simply found much more success in this time slot than others.

Here are the teams that have won 70 percent or more TNF games since 2006 (Note: This is as of 2021 only).

  • Seattle Seahawks, 8-2
  • New England Patriots, 8-2
  • Green Bay Packers, 7-2
  • Pittsburgh Steelers, 9-3
  • Kansas City Chiefs, 8-3
  • Atlanta Falcons, 8-3
  • Baltimore Ravens, 10-4

The majority of the clubs on the above list are often pointed to as among the best-run organizations in the NFL. As such, it’s not too surprising that they excel during short weeks of prep. On the other side of the coin, some teams have had a very rough time on Thursday nights.

  • New York Jets, 4-10
  • Minnesota Vikings, 2-5
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 3-9

If you’re winning less than 30 percent of your games in a specific time slot, as is the case with the three squads up above, that’s a notable trend. When researching the schedule this season and deciding which way to go, take a few moments to look back at team history on TNF.

How to watch Thursday Night Football in Ontario

TSN and CTV 2 are the main spots to catch TNF, while RDS offers a French-language feed for all nationally broadcast NFL games. It’s possible to pick up the US feed of the game on certain cable and satellite packages.

Over the border, TNF games are mostly found on a combination of FOX, NFL Network, and Amazon Prime, but the Week 1 and American Thanksgiving games are on NBC. For a streaming option, the subscription service DAZN Canada carries NFL games.