Vancouver Canucks Odds

Across the nation, loyalties are divided among the seven NHL teams that make their home in Canada. In British Columbia, however, there’s no questioning the team at the top of the charts: the Vancouver Canucks, who joined the league as an expansion team in 1970.

You’ll find odds for pregame bets like the moneyline, goal line and total below, and you can expect to see movement in the numbers. Staying on top of where things stand is easy with a live odds feed as we pull together the latest odds from various sportsbooks.

Tonight’s Canucks odds

Canucks live betting / in-game odds

Once the puck drops, you’ll want to settle in and watch the game. While doing so, you can also log in to a sportsbook app and check out the available live betting odds for the game. You’ll see various real-time wagers as the action plays out on the ice. Odds will vary based on what’s going on, but here are some examples of what you’ll see:

  • Moneyline, goal line and total odds based on current information.
  • Player, team and game props.
  • Period-specific and power play wagers.

How to bet on the Vancouver Canucks

The NHL season is a lengthy one. You’ll have a variety of things to wager on, from the first puck drop on opening night to the last game of the Stanley Cup Final. At sportsbooks, the main betting line for NHL games will feature odds for three wagers.

 MoneylineGoal LineTotal
Calgary Flames+105+1.5 (-135)Over 5.5 (-110)
Vancouver Canucks-125-1.5 (+115)Under 5.5 (-110)

If you read from left to right after the team names, you’re looking at the numbers for moneyline, goal line and total bets. Here’s what you need to know about the three bets.

  • Moneyline: Place a wager on one side to win. The favourite has negative odds, and the underdog’s odds are positive.
  • Goal line: Standard NHL goal lines will be 1.5. You can wager on the favourite minus that number of goals or the underdog plus the number.
  • Total: You’re betting on how many goals the two teams will put on the board. Sportsbooks will set a line, and you can wager whether the actual total will come in over or under that number.

At many sportsbooks, you’ll also find alternate numbers for goal lines and totals, such as 2.5 on the former and 6.5 on the latter. These three wagers are popular for betting on the NHL, but there also are plenty of other bets to consider.

Canucks Prop Odds

Place your bets on specific game elements, such as how the two sides will perform on certain metrics or the stats for a top player.

Will Brock Boeser score a goal?

  • Yes +135
  • No -115

Canucks Parlays

Combine multiple wagers on the same ticket for a chance at a greater return. If you get any of the individual picks wrong, though, you win nothing.

NHL over/under parlay

  • Calgary Flames vs. Winnipeg Jets — over 5.5 goals (-120).
  • Ottawa Senators vs. Vancouver Canucks — under 5.5 goals (-110).
  • Total parlay odds of +250.

Canucks Futures Odds

You can wager on the season as a whole with futures bets. There will be a variety of options, including on teams to make or miss the playoffs.

Will the Canucks make the NHL playoffs?

  • Yes +140
  • No -160

Beyond the above wagers, remember that you can bet in real time with live betting once the puck drops.

Vancouver Canucks schedule

There are 82 games per team in the typical NHL regular season schedule, which usually runs from October through April. Afterward, the Stanley Cup playoffs take centre stage and run for about another two months. In order to get to the dance, the Canucks have to compile enough points during the season. Here’s how the schedule typically breaks down.

  • Division opponents: 28 games
  • Conference opponents: 24 games
  • Opposing conference: 30 games

Where to watch and stream Canucks games

Sportsnet Pacific and the overflow channel Sportsnet Canucks are the places to find Canucks games on television. John Shorthouse is the main play-by-play voice, with John Garrett on colour commentary.

CISL 650 AM is the flagship radio station for Canucks games. Brendan Batchelor takes care of the call, while Corey Hirsch handles analysis. Several affiliates across the region also carry the audio feed.

The main broadcast home for Canucks games is a pair of Sportsnet channels: Pacific and Canucks. The networks are available on plenty of cable, satellite, and streaming packages. You should always confirm availability before picking a new plan to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you want.

A streaming feed of the game is also available on the network app and website, but you generally need login credentials to access it. A subscription to NHL Live opens the doors to an abundance of games, but note that blackout rules can apply in local markets. Those looking to stream the radio call can check out TuneIn radio and other internet providers.